The intelligent mobility platform.

Save time. Save money. Make the right choice
when it matters most. Data driven.

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How we do it

Improve maintenance.
Control costs.

  • Connect vehicles

    Detect VIN and decode model and brand. Track real time telemetry to know whats happening.

  • Process data

    Be aware of all the things happening inside your vehicle and connect it to your current device ecosystem.

  • Actionable insights

    Better routes, high demand areas or fleet behaviour. Optimize and develop new business models.

Who is it for?

Fleet drivers,
managers and
pre&post sales.

A flexible tool that fits exactly that you need. There is always a custom solution for:

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What we do


  • Detailed trips

    Keep a report of every trip and develop new routes.

    • Duration and distance
    • Speed report
    • Intermediate stops
    • Fuel consumption
    • Average consumption
  • Location

    Your vehicles always safe and tracked.

    • Real time location
    • Geofence
    • VIN decocoder
    • Time spent idle
    • Live status
  • Notifications

    Managers and drivers, always updated.

    • Incoming events
    • Email reports
    • SMS
    • Dashboard
    • PUSH
  • Vehicle health

    Control your fleet's use for improved maintenance.

    • Mechanical errors
    • Sensor data
    • Driving behaviour
    • Efficiency scoring
    • Road assistance

Next decisions

Moving data

Content is optimized for most vital driving use cases to empower users to make smarter decisions while driving, increase efficiency and save time.

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Empower your developers

Provide to your dev team a complete data API to build your own mobility solutions: apps, dashboards, charts, telemetry reports...

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